Argan oil shampoo

The ultimate argan oil shampoo: Natural. Organic. Effective. Welcome to ArganPure, your source for exceptional argan oil shampoo! Discover a shampoo with exceptional properties that will transform your hair. Our shampoo is based on plant extracts from natural and organic argan oil and is the perfect solution for fine, dull, damaged or dry hair.


Why choose argan oil shampoo?


Our argan oil shampoo is characterized by its unique formula. It consists of 100 % of potent and nourishing argan oil that promotes the health and beauty of your hair. Easy to use and safe for daily use, it makes hair care an effortless pleasure.


Bulk orders for your company


Our bulk orders are available in convenient 5-liter and 10-liter sizes, perfect for your business. We understand the needs of your business and offer the highest quality products that give your customers the best.


Natural and organic ingredients, FDA and USDA certification


Our dedication to quality is second to none. Our argan oil shampoo is made from natural and organic ingredients and meets the FDA and USDA's strict standards for cosmetics. You can rest assured that you are receiving a safe and effective product.


BULK orders: Many advantages for your company


With our BULK orders, you not only get first-class products at the best prices, but also a variety of additional benefits. We support you with filling, labeling, packaging and shipping to ensure your business runs smoothly.


Discover the power of argan oil shampoo


Your hair deserves only the best, and the best is available from ArganPure. Take advantage of all the nutritional benefits of this exceptional shampoo and pamper your hair with our natural and organic formula.


Properties of the organic argan oil shampoo


 Organic argan oil from Morocco, rich in vitamin E and unsaponifiables, is known for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties. Its antioxidant power greatly compensates for undernourished skin and hair.

It also nourishes and strengthens damaged and brittle hair. It restores vitality and natural shine to dull hair. Paraben-free formula. Recommended for dry hair.

Gives dull and tired hair shine and luminosity.

Argan oil originates from Morocco, where women have used it for centuries as one of their most important beauty rituals.

Argan oil is famous for its natural content of vitamins and rich antioxidants with moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The argan tree is therefore sometimes referred to as "liquid gold".


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