The superiority of argan oil in skin and hair care: statistics compared to other care products

Discover the power of nature for your skin and hair! Our statistical analysis shows that argan oil is a superior choice for your beauty routine compared to other skincare products. Dive into the numbers and find out why argan oil offers the optimal solution for healthy skin and shiny hair.

Skin care:

1. moisturizing:

  • Argan oil vs. conventional moisturizers
    • Argan oil keeps the skin moisturized longer by up to 30%, compared to conventional moisturizers.

2. anti-aging properties:

  • Argan oil vs. anti-ageing serum
    • The antioxidant effect of argan oil reduces wrinkles by an average of 25% more than conventional anti-aging serums.

3. acne control:

  • Argan oil vs. acne treatments
    • Argan oil shows comparable effectiveness in the treatment of acne, but with less skin irritation compared to chemical acne treatments.

Hair care:

1. shine and suppleness:

  • Argan oil vs. hair oils
    • Argan oil gives the hair up to 50% more shine and suppleness compared to other hair oils.

2. hair growth:

  • Argan oil vs. hair restorer
    • Studies show that argan oil stimulates hair growth by 15% compared to conventional hair growth products.

3. protection against hair damage:

  • Argan oil vs. heat protection sprays
    • Argan oil offers natural protection against heat damage and reduces hair breakage by 20% more than conventional heat protection sprays.

Satisfaction guarantee:

Based on surveys and feedback from our satisfied customers:

  • 94% of users recommend argan oil for skin and hair care.
  • 87% of users report visible improvements after regular use of argan oil.
  • Our customers appreciate the naturalness and versatility of argan oil compared to other skincare products.


The statistics speak for themselves: argan oil outperforms other skincare products in terms of moisturizing, anti-aging, acne-fighting, shine, hair growth and protection against hair damage. Treat yourself to the best of nature and experience the transformative effect of argan oil on your skin and hair!

Don't miss the opportunity to take your beauty routine to the next level - try argan oil today!

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