Why moisturizing your skin is essential in autumn

Autumn brings with it many changes: cooler temperatures, dry air and falling leaves. However, this time of year can also be challenging for your skin as it becomes more sensitive to the weather conditions. Here are some reasons why moisturizing your skin in the fall is essential:

1. dry air: With fall often comes drier air, both outside and inside, as the heaters are turned on. This can dry out the skin and make it more prone to cracking and flaking.

2. colder temperatures: The cooler fall temperatures can constrict the blood vessels in the skin, which can impair circulation and lead to dryness.

3. less sunshine: There is less sunlight in the fall, which can lead to the skin producing less natural moisture. This can lead to a loss of moisture and elasticity.

4. leaves and allergens: Autumn leaves and allergens can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, which places additional stress on the skin.

Slathering your skin with a quality moisturizer in the fall is crucial to protect it from dehydration and damage. Choose a cream that is rich in moisturizers and contains antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin. Be sure to moisturize face and body equally, and don't forget to use lip balm as well to prevent dry, chapped lips.

Proper fall skincare can help keep your skin healthy and glowing as you navigate the challenges of this season.

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