Welcome to our exclusive facial care collection!

Experience the revolution in skin care with our unique face creams.


Discover the secrets of our face creams:


White clay face cream:


Give your skin radiant purity and suppleness. The white clay draws out impurities and leaves a silky shine.


Green clay face cream:


For a touch of freshness and deep cleansing. The green clay revitalizes and ensures a clear, refreshed complexion.


Red clay face cream:


Discover the power of red clay for a youthful radiance. Firming and nourishing for demanding skin.


Sun protection face cream:


Protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Our sun protection cream not only offers protection, but also intensive moisture.


Why our face creams?


  • Natural ingredients: Our creams are based on selected natural extracts.
  • Highly effective formula: Developed to meet the needs of your skin.
  • Dermatologically tested: For maximum compatibility and effectiveness.