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Immerse yourself in natural beauty with our exquisite range of products. From Moroccan henna powder to fragrant rosebuds - discover the secrets of oriental skincare.



  1. Moroccan henna powder: Give your hair a touch of luxury. Our henna powder not only gives your hair a fascinating color, but also strengthens and nourishes it in a natural way.

  3. Argan powder for the hair: The power of argan oil for your hair in powder form. Pamper your hair with this intensive care for suppleness and shine.

  5. Organic Ghassoul clay powder: The secret to flawless skin! Our organic Ghassoul clay powder cleanses and revitalizes, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed.

  7. Bath salts with essential oils: Relax your body and mind. Our blend of bath salts and essential oils promises a soothing and aromatic bathing experience.

  9. Dried rose buds: Delight your senses with the delicate scent of roses. Our dried rosebuds are perfect for relaxing baths or as fragrant decoration.


Discover the treasures of the Orient and pamper yourself with our high-quality selection of care products. Order now and experience the natural beauty of traditional care!