Pamper your skin with the luxury care of the Damask rose! Discover OILUX organic body lotion online. This organic body lotion with precious oils soothes and repairs dry and sensitive skin. Enjoy the delicate scent of Damask Rose. Certified by USDA and FDA. Order online now!


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Order online: Discover the magic of the Damask rose with OILUX Organic Body Lotion


The solution for dry and sensitive skin! OILUX has specially formulated this organic body milk with Moroccan Damask Rose and precious oils to soothe and repair dry skin in all conditions.

Our body milk quickly hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin. It is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins to meet the skin's daily needs and give it maximum vitality and suppleness. This body milk is known for its delicate and natural rose fragrance, which is refreshing and pleasant.


Excellent natural formulations and organic ingredients


We make every effort to produce the most effective quality products that are free from harmful chemicals. Our body milk is certified by globally recognized organizations such as the USDA and FDA.


Properties of Damask Rose Body Milk


Damask roses are famous for their delicate fragrance. Damask rose has an antioxidant and protective effect on the skin's elastic fibers, slows down skin aging and contributes to the quality (elasticity and suppleness) of the tissue.


Application tips


Apply a small amount of Rose Body Milk to the skin and massage gently to allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the epidermis. The refreshing fragrance perfumes your body while moisturizing. Do not rinse off after use.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Damask rose with our body milk. Order online now and pamper your skin with luxury and care!


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