Order online now: Our dried Damascus rosebuds are a treasure of natural beauty and versatility. Originally from Syria, these rose buds are grown in Morocco and offer countless application possibilities. They are perfect for cosmetic recipes and can be used in facial and body care products. Damascus rosebuds are not only fragrant, but also rich in beneficial properties. They are astringent, anti-aging, soothing and soothe skin irritations. They can also be used to make rose oil and rose water. Discover the versatility of these dried rose buds and transform your skincare and wellness routines.


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The Damask rose originally comes from Syria. However, it has long been cultivated mainly in Morocco in order to offer you dried Damascus rose buds.

In Morocco, the locals use rose petals in both cosmetic and culinary recipes. Thanks to their beguiling fragrance, they deliciously perfume your homemade care products for face, body and hair.

Damask rose is a key ingredient in many medicinal products and even cosmetics. This natural product is perfect for fighting depression, killing germs and bacteria, solving the problem of lack of appetite and anorexia, treating liver congestion, nausea, kidney stones and bladder infections, to name but a few problems.

Damask roses are effective against insomnia, anxiety and apathy, as they help to prevent depression. They are also associated with feminine beauty and are used in skincare routines. This product is used as a facial toner, tightens capillaries and reduces redness. Damask roses are amazing for their cleansing and antiseptic properties, preventing rashes, swelling, ulcers and cuts.

Both sweet and invigorating, the rose combines aromas of tart grapefruit with delicate spicy aromas. Ideal for refreshing and clearing the mind. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of rose petals help to soothe irritated skin, redness or irritated skin.

Due to their intense color and complex aromas, rosebuds and blossoms are ideal for scented sachets, potpourri and bath salts. Our enchanting organic rose buds infuse or decorate perfectly. The dried organic rose buds were already known a long time ago as a natural exfoliant or for the bath for relaxation as an anti-stress.

The dried rose flower can be mixed with other ingredients in masks or used in the bath for more relaxation.


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Inspired by Moroccan traditions, natural and certified organic by international organizations such as the FDA and USDA, the dried Damask rose has long been known in the Moroccan beauty world for its various uses on the skin and hair.


Cosmetic properties:


- Astringent, rose tightens the skin.

- Anti-wrinkle, it helps to regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of ageing.

- Refreshing, it soothes redness and alleviates allergic reactions.

- Soothes skin allergies, eczema and sunburn.

- Relief from cracked nipples during breastfeeding.

- Heals wounds after shaving.

- Baby care.

- Its fresh and subtle fragrance gives your homemade cosmetics a very sweet rose scent.

- Recommended for all skin types, mature skin, sensitive skin and uneven skin.


Therapeutic properties:


In addition to their flavorful properties, dried rosebuds can help treat diarrhea, asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis. Rosebud infusions are ideal for a beautiful complexion.


Application tips: 


  • Rose oil: Rehydrating oil for dry or damaged skin (face and body). You can use it in the evening.
    • Ingredients: 1 handful of dried rose buds and rice germ oil / argan oil.
    • Preparation: Place the rosebuds in a jar, cover them with the chosen oil. Leave it to macerate in the sun for 15 days, then filter it and transfer it to a tinted and sterilized glass bottle.
  • Rose water:
    • Ingredients: 1 to 2 good handfuls of rosebuds and 0.25 cl of pure spring water per hand


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