Our argan oil lip balm is the ideal solution for soft and protected lips. The lips are a sensitive and vulnerable area that requires particularly intensive care. Our lip balm, enriched with organic argan oil, beeswax and natural ingredients, effectively moisturizes your lips and protects them from external influences. The rich, melting texture leaves no sticky film and is ideal for daily use. It nourishes, soothes and prevents chapped lips. Order now and give your lips the gentle and natural care they deserve.


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The lips are a particularly sensitive area that lack a natural protective barrier. The argan oil lip balm is a gentle and pleasant moisturizer. Its rich, melting texture with a subtle fragrance helps to moisturize and protect the lips effectively and for a long time.

This lip balm gives you soft and hydrated lips all day long. Enriched with argan oil, beeswax and other natural ingredients. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and has regenerative properties. The lip balm is ideal for dry and dehydrated lips and nourishes and repairs even the most sensitive lips.

It is easy to apply without leaving a sticky film. A delight for the lips that soothes, nourishes, softens and beautifies. The thick and pleasant texture prevents and eliminates chapping and protects against sun, cold and wind.


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A centuries-old practice in harmony with today's know-how. We offer you a range of unique treatments to beautify you day after day.

Specially formulated for easy and comfortable application, ZineGlob's lip balm with argan oil is a true concentrate of natural and organic ingredients that offers your lips protection, comfort and softness. From Morocco to the world, our refreshing formula with argan oil lip balm contains organic citrus oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E (no petroleum derivatives are used). The nourishing blend protects and preserves the lips from the effects of the environment. The lipstick Argan Oil Noix D'Or does not leave a "shiny" gloss on your lips like other lip care products. A practical twist tube makes application easier.




This nourishing lipstick is made with divinely rich and protective argan oil to help you effectively combat lip dehydration. The argan tree provides an oil that is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, known for centuries for both its regenerating properties for dry and sensitive skin and its emollient and protective qualities.

It brings all the natural benefits of organic argan oil to your lips. Extremely nourishing, it provides long-lasting moisture to dry lips. Healing, it stimulates the repair of the lip skin thanks to beeswax. A treat for the lips that moisturizes and protects them. Nourishes, repairs and beautifies the lips. Thick, melting and pleasant texture. Certified organic argan oil.


Application tips: 


Apply evenly and repeat as often as your lips need. Your lips will be soothed, soft and fragrant after the very first application.


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