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The exceptional and natural composition of this product is based on organic Moroccan damask rose and ensures gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp.

Enriched with Damask rose, known for its many nourishing and revitalizing properties, hair regains its shine and radiance. Your hair is nourished, supple and repaired. The shampoo also protects your hair color extremely effectively.


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Damask Rose Shampoo is a particularly gentle shampoo that is ideal for daily use. It cleanses and conditions the hair to make it supple and shiny. This shampoo not only cleanses thoroughly, but also moisturizes the hair, giving it volume and suppleness. You can easily order this high-quality shampoo online.

Suitable for men and women alike, this shampoo is enriched with one of the most effective ingredients for hair and scalp health, Damascena Rose. The gentle lather cleanses the scalp while deeply nourishing it with vitamins and antioxidants. It removes all dirt and adds moisture, softness and volume.

Soothing Damask rose nourishes the scalp and regulates the production of skin oil to prevent dehydration, irritation or itching. The hair shines with a healthy shine. Smooth and soft, the hair will shine healthily.


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The unique and natural composition is based on organic Moroccan Damask rose and gently cleanses the hair and scalp.

Enriched with damask rose, which is known for its numerous nourishing and revitalizing properties, the shampoo restores shine and radiance to the hair. Your hair is nourished, soft and repaired. The shampoo effectively protects the hair color.




Discover the shampoo with Damask rose. Care for cleansing and soothing hair. This Damask rose-based shampoo with a fine and protective foam is suitable for all hair types, even the most sensitive. It restructures the hair in depth.

Natural silicon nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber, helping to restore suppleness and comfort.
The extracts of this rose soothe irritated scalps and add shine and volume.
The exquisite scent of rose mixed with an invigorating freshness.




Perfect for oily hair (as well as skin), Damask rose regulates the production of sebum secreted by the hair. This regulation significantly reduces the oily appearance of the hair and beautifies the hair.
Revitalizes lifeless hair by giving it tonicity and moisturizing properties.
Ideal for itchy scalps caused by hair dye, for example. Apply to the scalp and massage in to soothe irritation and counteract dandruff at the same time.
The rose water fragrance gives the hair a pleasant and refreshing scent.


Application tips:


Apply a small amount to the scalp, massage for a few seconds to remove dirt and stimulate circulation. Then allow the foam to glide thoroughly through the hair before rinsing thoroughly.


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