Immerse yourself in the world of organic Damask rose water - order online now and benefit from the highest quality! Our rose water is carefully produced by distilling organic Damask roses from Morocco. This natural essence is rich in nutritional benefits and is perfect for your skincare routine. Indulge in a refreshing and firming skin sensation. Our products proudly carry FDA and USDA cosmetic certifications to give you confidence in our quality. Discover the secrets of Damask Rose and order today to take your beauty routine to the next level.


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Product description:


Our organic Damask rose water is obtained by distilling the flowers and is a hydrosol with multiple benefits for the skin, especially for facial skin. Among the many varieties available, the Damask rose has the best yield.


Properties of organic Damask rose water:


  1. Firming and tightening: This hydrosol is an essential ingredient to prevent and counteract the signs of skin ageing.
  2. Cleansing and refreshing: Organic Damask rose water clarifies, refreshes and nourishes the skin. It is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Anti-aging: Mature skin will appreciate its anti-aging effect.
  4. Olfactotherapy: In addition to its skin benefits, it is also valued in olfactotherapy to relieve tension and find inner peace.


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Our organic Damask rose water is obtained by distilling organic Damask roses from Morocco. We specialize in the production of high quality rose water. Order from us now to benefit from all the nutritional benefits of this rose. Our products are FDA and USDA certified for cosmetics.


The benefits of organic Damask rose water:


For the skin:

  • Firming: Rose water tightens the skin and gives it a soft and smooth appearance.
  • Regulation of the sebum: It helps to control excessive sebum production, which is particularly recommended for oily skin and acne-prone skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle: Rose water helps to tighten the skin and improve its elasticity, thereby delaying the formation of wrinkles.
  • Reassuring: Roses have a calming and refreshing effect and are ideal for combating skin irritations or allergies.
  • Make-up remover: Rose water is traditionally used as a make-up remover and is perfect for women.
  • Soothes the eyes: It can be used to relieve eye irritation by placing 1 or 2 drops of rose water in the eye.
  • Anti dark circles: Applied as a compress to the eyes, the toning benefits can soften dark circles and reduce under-eye puffiness.


For the hair:

  • Regulation of greasy hair: Rose water regulates sebum production in the hair, similar to the skin.
  • Revitalizing for lifeless hair: It tones lifeless hair and moisturizes.
  • Ideal for itchy scalps: Apply to the scalp in case of irritation, e.g. from hair dye, to relieve irritation and dandruff.
  • Perfuming: Rose water gives the hair a pleasant fragrance.


Application of rose water:


For the skin: Apply the rose water to a cotton pad or compress and use on clean, dry skin. Recommended movements are horizontal on the forehead, gentle curves between the corners of the eyes and vertical movements between the temples and the jaw.

For the eyes: Apply as a compress to the eyes to reduce puffiness and soften dark circles.

For the hair: After shampooing, massage gently into the hair or soak the ends of the hair with it. Apply to the scalp and massage in gently to soothe the skin.


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